This is a safe place to rip off those bandaids. To really get to the root of our physical health, mental wellness, and emotional well-being! To find out what’s beneath our smile. Consider this your online in-between therapists/doctors/dietitians place to explore all sorts of tools for our toolbox.

Is our smile just a lid on a scream? 

This is Lori, your host.

Lori is our in-between therapist/doctors/dietitians advocate.

What’s beneath your smile?

When we dig deep and get to the root of our subconscious beliefs, we find out what might be blocking us from moving forward with our goals and dreams.

Disease prevention, mental wellness, emotional well-being, success, and weight loss begin with reprogramming the subconscious beliefs that no longer serve us. One perception shift at a time.

Space Holder

Lori’s purpose on this earth is to provoke the freedom in your soul to pursue your purpose on this earth.

We’ve held on to old belief’s, mindsets, and behavioral patterns for far too long.

What Lori does…

• Ask you to seek a good therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist.
• Become your own advocate and speak to your doctor and dietician to find what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.
• Offer tools and resources to implement your goals.
• Encourage you to investigate your mind, body, spirit!
• Hold a safe and confidential space for you to feel the freedom to be your authentic self and feel comfortable to share your authentic emotions/feelings without judgement, comparisons, and/or unsolicited advice.
• Provide comfortable silence in conversations to promote contemplation.
• Support you in finding your own answers with encouraging you to research, search, and release.

Lori provides compassion and understanding where you are in your journey without coddling. Gently keeping you on track.

Let’s move beyond discovery into recovery. There is so much information at our fingertips and it becomes too overwhelming. Let’s work together on finding what works for you!

When we ignore our emotions, they will creep back via our aches and pains within our bodies. As well as repeating unwanted behaviors, addictions, and compromised mental health. 

Lori highly recommends that everyone seek professional help. She would feel honored to be your in-between-appointments space-holder. Holding the space for you to feel heard and validated without judgment, advice, comparison, questions, or interruptions. Lori will advocate for your health but you’re ultimately in charge of it! No one has all the answers. 

If you’ve struggled with self-doubt and feel like you sabotage opportunities, please take some time to find out more information. Let’s make that connection for your physical health, mental wellness, and emotional well-being. Click on all the tabs above to explore more.

You are worth it!


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