Safety First

If our partner threatens our life (even just one time), finding someone safe to talk about it is imperative. Leaving such a person can be extremely dangerous. Always remember safety first. Even if they shower you with gifts and apologies after the initial threat.

Often times we are told they didn’t mean it or it was their drug of choice talking. So, does that mean when they hurt or even kill us that we are able to say those same things? It’s difficult to say what will happen with someone in that mindset. Boundaries have been crossed. What more boundaries are they capable of crossing?

Always think of your safety first. And obviously, if there are kids involved we are even more cautious! Kids feel the tension. We may think we are protecting them from such anger and abuse. We aren’t, they feel everything!

A threat can lead to more action. Words are powerful. Believe them when they threaten. It typically does lead to more abuse. If they can’t put our safety first, it’s up to us to do so.

Be very cautious with your words and how you chose to survive this environment. There is help out there! We are worthy of a safe and loving relationship!

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2 Replies to “Safety First”

  1. Thank you for this reminder that there’s help out there for people in need. You have so many gifts and a special blessing for speaking and writing. When you write these it’s just like a professional magazine article.

    1. Oh my, you’ve made my day. I really appreciate your kind heart and words!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me.

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