When you’re barely surviving, money is on your mind 24/7! How can I make it, what more can I do, where else can I skimp to just get by?

I’m tired, burnt out, and my hope is dwindling. I’m also grateful. Can you believe that I can have all these feelings at once?

I’ve been trying to make money as an entrepreneur for most my adult life. Operative word there is trying. I’m not good at it. I’m also not good at working outside of my home. I’m weird and all over the place. Apparently people hesitate buying things from uncertain scatter brained awkward people that has a hard time marketing.

I’m not sure how to support my family.

All the medication and natural remedies that I keep trying in order to help with my mental health, doesn’t seem to work. My body fails me. The stress of life and even everyday tasks takes a toll on my stomach, vertigo, headaches, and back aches.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a college education because I never did well in school, college is expensive, and I can’t take a test to save my life. I feel like I’ve seen every possible way to try to make money from home; medical billing, teaching online (that requires a college education), all the MLM’s, and affiliate marketing.

It’s not like I live a lavish lifestyle. I’m a minimalist because clutter gives me more anxiety. I don’t like shopping or wearing expensive things. I haven’t even worn jewelry or had a haircut in over a year. I’ve had to stop buying birthday cards and gifts for loved ones. We don’t have cable or even a sofa to sit on anymore. I’m grateful to still have a couple of old swivel chairs though.

I’m good with finances, even the very little that we have, I know how to make money last until the next paycheck. I just want to be able to provide a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and clothes on our backs. To be able to pay the bills.

My money mindset is also good, I’ve worked through my money issues. We all have money issues to work through.

I’m not looking for sympathy or advice. Just understanding. We are all on different paths and want our basic human needs met. I know God will provide but my brain can’t seem to turn off about how to make the money in order to survive.

We are all having financial worries. I know I’m not alone, I wish there were more solutions. I’m so tired of all the tears I shed to just survive. Isn’t there more to life than just survival?

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  1. You know, money is such a tangible yet intangible thing. Debt feels like chains dragging us down. Surviving on minimal imcome is very stressful and makes us full of anxiety. It seems that money DOES make the world go around.

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