Emotions on Social Media

We aren’t always comfortable putting too many of our emotions on social media because of judgment.

When we express sadness or talk about our emotions around an issue we are facing, it seems that kind hearted humans want to fix it for you with what are perceived as helpful kind words. Such as; this too shall pass, chin up, things will get better, just pray, meditate, journal, be grateful, take a walk in nature, you’re enough, and all the other advice that make them feel better about helping you through something with their “encouragement”.

Then there are the negative comments, such as; don’t be so negative on yourself, things could be worse, you don’t have it so bad, stop putting your issues on social media, stop complaining/whining so much, you’ll be labeled as a complainer.

We are a society that covers up our mental health instead of freeing ourselves with being able to express our emotions. Showing only the happy and good side of life on social media. It’s not always like that. We learn from our sorrow, our mistakes, our “issues”. We grow and sometimes help our healing process with being able to express our emotions. I think it’s ok to share our emotions on social media!

Maybe we can move toward understanding with non-judgmental understanding of someone’s pain. Compassion goes further than advice or “encouraging” upbeat, cover your sadness with a smile and move on already type of words.

When we expresses emotions on social media, sometimes we are just wanting to get something off our chest. More encouraging words might be words like; sending virtual hugs, I’m so glad you’re able to express such a vulnerable feeling, thank you for expressing how I am feeling also right now, I wish I had your courage, I love you, thank you for sharing your story, I wish I were there with you to hold space for you in your time of need, I’m here with a nonjudgmental ear, I hear you, I see you, I understand your heart, and things of this nature.

Sometimes all we have is our social media as an outlet. Sometimes we allow fear of judgement to hold us back from expressing our emotions. I don’t think that’s healthy.

If you have other outlets to express your emotions and don’t like seeing that on your social media, please keep scrolling or unfollow the person rather than leaving a negative remark.

Of course if you fear someone using your emotions against you or feel threatened in any way by expressing your emotions on social media, by all means don’t do it.

These are just my opinions about this subject, consult with your doctors and/or attorneys before expressing emotions on social media. There’s my disclaimer to subside my fear of expressing my opinions.

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2 Responses

  1. I think you hit the nail in the head. Covered all aspects of this. On social media I’ve seen a lot of people express their emotions and get bullied for it.
    Myself, I’m not comfortable expressing deep felt emotions on social media. Way back many years ago I was once in a group on social media when I was trying to be real and express myself good or bad-I was chastised for it. Told I was passive-aggressive, etc. because most of the time I’m quiet but if I have a strong opinion or emotion I express it.
    My whole life growing up was told I’m too sensitive and I think too much. Married life- told I talk too much and think too much.
    It’s been many years since then and I’m finally back to my old self. It’s okay to be the way that I was born to be. Sensitive, emotional, spiritual, and because I was stifled for so long -yes, I talk too much sometimes. All in perspective.

    1. Thank you so much for your bravery and for doing the work to get back to your old self. I love you the way you are! It is true that offten times we are critized and/or chastised for just expressing ourselves. I also think some people have a hard time wrapping their mind around differences of opionion. And the fact that it’s an emotion that may pass. That we all change and change our opionions sometimes. You are amazing.

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