What do kids have to do with resiliency? Kids shouldn’t have to be faced with such nonsense to place them into the resiliency category!

However, most kids are faced with adversity. We all go through something as kids that has impacted our lives. Right now, I cannot imagine growing up in such uncertain times. Especially if home life is as uncertain as our world seems to be right now. It’s a double whammy.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard how resilient kids are while growing up and into my adult years. If kids are resilient then why are there so many diagnosed mental health issues, health problems, and suicides? Disclaimer – I am not saying that ALL health issues, health problems, and suicides are only about whether or not a child is resilient.

We can say it’s hereditary until we look into heritage. Have we come from generations of resiliency? Generations of trauma, alcoholism, neglect, abandonment, abuse, trauma, poor food choices, etc. Are we really ready to pursue the difficult task of breaking the generational “curses”?

My own personal belief is that we can break the generational resiliency. We can eat better, do better, be better. Like the great Mayo Angelo said, “When we know better, we do better.”

What is the most difficult part to doing better/breaking the generational resiliency? Going against societal norms. Not fitting in by choosing to go to therapy, choosing better foods, and living our best life without the weight of what family, friends, or anyone has to say about our choices.

The second most difficult part of breaking this generational resiliency is the willingness to dissect our old belief system. To unlearn the negative self-talk. Rebuilding our foundation by learning our truth without bad influences that we may have grown up around. Changing behaviors isn’t about willpower or white knuckling it. It’s about finding the courage to deep dive into our beliefs and mindsets. To find a therapist that we click with to get started on our healing journey.

If you or someone you know is in college or wanting a career change, please consider the therapy field. Society could use many more good therapists!

Are you part of the walking wounded club? I encourage you to step into some sort of therapy. Just lean in a little bit at a time. You are worth it!

Meanwhile, have a look at my services

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