Ruled by the Fork

Are we being ruled by the fork or are we rulers of our fork? Are we being ruled by manufactures and/or by societal pressures? Do we really WANT to take the time to change now or just cover our ailments with medicine later?

I heard someone say the other day, “I don’t want to be ruled by the fork.” I think he was saying that he didn’t WANT to avoid foods he liked and didn’t want to feel deprived. He’s been on a weight loss journey and just from the brief time I heard him speak on this subject, I gathered that he is DIEting, he uses Splenda, and admits to “cheating” on his DIEt.

As you may have gathered by the spelling, I don’t believe in DIEt’s.

5 Things to consider around being ruled by The Fork or Ruler of our Fork?

1. Manufactures know how to manipulate our food supply so that we become addicted to the over processed chemical infused junk that we now call “food”. Read this article about the processManufactured Food Cravings

2. Mindset is difficult to change around food. We grew up using it as a reward, for comfort, for social acceptance, and to share our love. Our belief system is generational and that can be extremely difficult to change! I believe we can have a healthy relationship with food without feeling deprived. We CAN become less dependent on cravings.

3. Behaviors can be challenging to change when it comes to food and socially unacceptable . Society frowns upon differences. People want to label the changed behavior or want us to join in with their craving so they don’t feel as bad for having that craving themselves.

4. DIEt’s typically only work temporarily. What we look for are educated lifestyle changes that will work long term when it comes to our mindset, belief system, behaviors, routines that will work with our lifestyle, and support we create around our behavioral changes.

5. Taste buds change with our lifestyle changes and we no longer feel ruled by the fork. Cravings take time, money, and effort to conquer. But well worth it when inflammation is reduced in our bodies and we begin to feel more energy from craving vegetables rather than sugar, caffeine, and chemically processed junk. Read this articleCut the Cravings 

I’m not diving too deep into this subject because I’m not a doctor, dietician, or nutritionist. I advocate for what works for me. And I always say what works for one, may not work for another. However, I think we can all agree that eating less overly processed chemically made “food” just has to be a better choice for all. Right??

What I know for sure is that my health goes deeper than the fork but that it’s affected by the fork. I want to live as long as I can with as few ailments as possible. I’m not ready to live on medicine. I want to take care of myself as much as I know how to in order to avoid having to live off medication. The produce section is where I prefer spending my time rather than in line at the pharmacy.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in medicine, I’m just saying that I think that I can avoid some of it by getting to the root of my ailments instead of trying to put a bandaid on it with pills. There are certain issues where we need pills. I need them for my Hashimoto’s disease. It’s inevitable with certain circumstances. Some say you can cure thyroid with food. That hasn’t happened with me.

I also believe that not being ruled by the fork goes deeper than the fork. We have to also consider our mental health, spirituality, relationships, exercise, water intake, stress levels, sleep, work/finances, play/passion, giving-back, and self-care routines.

This is all my opinion, please consult your physician. I am here to advocate with you on the goals that you and your physician have set. Check out my services, resources, and/or contact me.

P.S. This article was inspired in a live I saw with our good friend Shane! Find him on social media, he is such an inspiring soul!!!! You can find his podcast – here.

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