Mental Health and Weight Loss

What’s mental health have to do with weight loss? Mental health and weight loss go hand in hand in my opinion! It just makes sense to me. Let’s dive into this subject a little.

Mental Health and Weight Loss

  1. “I eat my feelings.” How often do we hear someone say this? When we feel anxious, depressed, and even when we celebrate something. Our drug of choice can be junk food.
  2. Negative body image. Our own negative thoughts impact our emotions and create that self-loathing. It becomes a never ending cycle of feeling not worthy of taking the time to take care of ourselves.
  3. Stress. Overeating can be a coping mechanism for stress. Sometimes we don’t realize that we aren’t even hungry while we are stress eating.
  4. Personal or Childhood Trauma. Being bullied, physical/mental/emotional/sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, seeing violence, car accidents, and the like can affect our weight by subconsciously using food as a protective solution.
  5. Excuses. We tell ourselves that it takes too much time/money/effort (and the list goes on) to get to a point where we feel like a healthy lifestyle change will ever work out for us.

Overcoming barriers is a process. Although food and exercise is important, it takes so much more than just white knuckling it and thinking it’s all about willpower! Yes, mindset matters. But so does getting to the root of our mental health. Not only for the sake of better mental health but also for our health in general.

There are so many things to continue to try. What works for one, may not work for another. Heck, what may work one day, may not work the next. Keep exploring tools and resources until you find what works for you!

Options to discuss with your mental health care provider, doctors, and dietitians to help with mental health and weight loss.

  1. Therapy. It can be difficult to find a therapist let alone one that fits our particular needs. Keep searching. If therapy isn’t available, discuss group options. Finding a supportive group for our particular issues can be helpful. We aren’t alone!
  2. Medication. It’s an option.
  3. Relationships. Evaluate relationships in our life. Do boundaries need to be set to live our best life?
  4. Spirituality. Do we have a connection with our spirituality?
  5. Connection. How do we connect with others? Empaths often don’t feel the need to have a lot of human interaction yet feeling connected is important!
  6. Giving Back. You would be surprised how much helping others in turn helps our own soul to grow!
  7. Journal. Some love this some don’t. Journaling can help get things out that perhaps we would never know was inside of ourselves. I love this one.
  8. Restorative yoga. Any yoga is great in my book but restorative is especially helpful.
  9. Meditation. This is a great practice to get into if you’re able to do so. Consult your therapist.
  10. Relaxation Techniques. Things like guided imagery, breathing exercises, aromatherapy are a great tool to learn.
  11. Prioritize Sleep. There is a link between not getting enough sleep and stress which could lead to depression and ultimately unhealthy eating behaviors.
  12. Water. We underestimate the importance water has on our organs.
  13. Walking/Exercise. Find something that works for you. Consult your doctor.
  14. Small Steps. Beliefs and habits are ingrained in us. It takes time to create a long lasting healthier lifestyle! Taking small steps is extremely important so we don’t feel so overwhelmed and want to give up. Try not to have an all or nothing attitude.
  15. FOOD. Start by reading ingredients. The fewer ingredients, the better. Consult your doctor and dietician for what’s best for your body and situation.

There are many, many, many more tools out there. Music, animal therapy, being in nature are great ones also! We live in a world where knowledge is right at our fingertips. It’s not the knowledge we seek, it’s the support and unlearning our ingrained beliefs/behaviors/mindsets patterns.

We can do this! First small step is knowing that it will take time/effort/money! YOU ARE WORTH IT! Step out of your old routine and make that change for yourself.

We can create a life filled with less aches and pains. I would rather spend time in the produce section and kitchen instead of in line at the pharmacy if that’s what it takes.

This is all my opinion, please consult your physician. I am here to advocate with you on the goals that you and your physician have set. Check out my services, resources, and/or contact me.

P.S. This was brought to you by our good friend Anna sharing her inspiration in a live! She is a fun and thoughtful soul that inspires so many, go find her on social media. Find her on Facebook – here.

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