Blood Circulation Testimony

7 changes to my health and stress levels just from improving my blood circulation!

What’s so important about blood circulation, other than it can help keep our ticker healthy? Well, there’s that. And really that should be enough, right?! We just don’t think enough about heart health.

However, there really is so much more to blood circulation! And you know I’m going to research any modality that has to do with prevention. I will try almost any modality if I know there is a chance to keep me and my family healthy, with as few ailments as possible!

Although, I have to say that I am still skeptical of everything I try. Aren’t we all? Why is that anyway, so much skepticism? 

When I first used THE one and only vascular therapy device, I thought that since I didn’t really feel any immediate effects that maybe it just wasn’t going to work for me.

I heard so many people say it helped with a wide range of ailments. I was about ready to blow it off as just something that wasn’t going to work for me. You know everybody is so different and what works for one, may not work for another. Bio-individuality and all. I even made sure not to change anything else I was doing just to give it a solid go.


I slowly started to notice some slight changes at first that made me think, Hmmm, could this be a result from just laying on a matt?!!! I thought to myself, ‘maybe it’s just a coincidence’ and so I just kept at it. One thing led to another and it was a gradual prelude to so many positive changes.

When I look back, I wish I had kept a daily journal on the progression because now I’m in awe of the magnitude of what better blood circulation can do for my body.

Who knew?!!!!

And who would ever know their blood wasn’t circulating properly? Even after I heard all the research and listened to all the testimonies. For some reason, I still had that doubt. I’m grateful that I kept at it though and didn’t let immediate gratification deter me. We are always looking for a quick fix, aren’t we? Ugh, if it were only that easy!

7 CHANGES For Me –

  1. Digestive Relief. First, I noticed that I wasn’t having as many digestive issues. That’s something I’ve been working on my entire life. I’ve carried my anxiety, stress, and food issues in my digestive-track. Over the years, I changed my food intake, taken care of my gut microbiome, tried different exercises, relaxation techniques, went to therapy, and even tried medication. Now, that my blood is circulating, I guess it’s all just coming together. FINALLY!! The toxins are leaving my body, oxygen is pumpin’, and nutrients are flowin’ as they should.
  2. Vertigo. I’ve struggled with this for years and have not experienced any vertigo since using this. This is such a relief to me.
  3. Stress Reduction. This one is hard to gauge. What made me realize I felt less stress is that although I have the same stressors in life, it just isn’t affecting me like it used to. I feel calmer and more relaxed even under stress. I made no other changes, just improving my blood circulation. I find this to be quite shocking!
  4. Deeper Sleep. I noticed my sleep improving. I’m falling asleep easier, staying asleep, and waking up feeling rested. It seems to be all working in tandem with this whole blood circulating thing!
  5. More Energy. Yeah, it is true that feeling less stress and getting more sleep will improve your energy. I’m sure there is another reason for my increased energy. Just another bonus of getting my blood to circulate as it should.
  6. Reduced Muscle Tension. My wrist aches less and my upper back is much less sore. My work always seemed to involve 10 key or typing. My right wrist has never been the same. To finally feel relief in my wrist and upper back has been magical for me. It seems that we all have back pain and all I can say is… got blood circulation? lol
  7. Chakra. Our chakra system is linked to blood circulation in our body. Increased blood circulation = open energy centers. When I’m on my Matt for the 8 minutes twice a day, I lay the strap down the front of my body on my chakras. My root chakra was blocked which is comprised of our emotional well-being, interconnection, stability, safety, and the survival center; the fight, flight, freeze, fawn instincts. From the Spacious Therapy, “The root chakra is associated with the adrenal glands, kidney, colon, skeleton/bones, muscles, and arterial blood that flows through the left chamber of the heart, carrying oxygen and nutrients to our body tissue.” Opening my root chakra has helped me in many areas!!

We ALL have stress in our lives and it can be deadly.

From BEMERblog fact #35 “Stress can cause a restriction of the blood flow. Over time it can become chronic. Impaired blood diffusion negatively affects the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells and the removal of cellular waste products from the cells. Cells require oxygen and nutrients to produce the basic units of energy called ATP which are manufactured in the mitochondria (the power station inside the cell) and are essential to keep cells working.

Typical results of long-duration stress in terms of ailments can be chronic ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, muscle tension. Our muscles are less capable of performance and often cause stiffness, there is more pain experienced in diverse places and the immune system is getting progressively weaker making us more susceptible to acquire ailments.

THE vascular therapy system can alleviate some of the damage we suffer due to the various types of compounding stresses. It cannot fix our lifestyles and the way we choose to live our lives but it improves the microcirculation.” 

It can take more than just one modality to help us heal ourselves. But now when I’m asked what’s the story with blood circulation, I have my story to share.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert or doctor. I’m a health-conscious mom and disease prevention mentor. I like to take my health into my own hands for prevention whenever I can. I believe in trying all sorts of modalities and I believe in doctors. I like to get to the root of ailments, not just putting bandaids on them. As the great Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, do better.” I love that!!

{UPDATE} I wrote this a year ago (1/2021) and apparently didn’t post it. Since then, I’ve had a hysterectomy. One of the things my Doctor said that she’s always concerned about with this surgery are blood clots. I told her and the nurses that took care of me after surgery about this and they were very impressed! No blood clots and am healing beautifully! 

I would love to hear what modalities have worked for you, leave me a comment here or Contact Me anytime!

It’s time. Isn’t it?

More information – THE Vascular Therapy Device

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