This is Lori & it’s about time! 

Lori is navigating life as a solo mom to an 11-year-old. She’s a business owner, continually finding tools that work for her mental wellness, physical health, and emotional well-being.

Its time Sunshine is your go-to resource for support, guidance, encouragement, motivation, and assistance for your massive ever-evolving inner growth, health, and well-being.

You know that there aren’t any healthy quick fixes that will last. It takes more than “willpower” and “white-knuckling” our way to achieve our goals in mental wellness, physical health, and emotional well-being.

Lori believes in therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, dietitians, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, spiritual healers, doctors, and advocating for our own health.  Lori advocates for you to see these professionals!

She is the person that works with you to achieve goals that you and these professionals have talked about. To keep you on track and provide support, encouragement, guidance, motivation, and resources. This is the in-between therapists/doctors/dietitians appointments for you to explore. Keeping in mind to always check with those professionals before beginning a new regimen.

Lori doesn’t specialize in weight loss because she believes that weight loss is the last side effect when our mind, body, spirit, circulatory system, and gut are in balance.

She doesn’t believe in diets. Diets just do not seem to work long term. Nor do all the diet pills, coffees, detox’s, and other gimmicks. It’s a matter of adjusting our palettes and behaviors. Habit stacking, mind shifting, unlearning behaviors that no longer serve us.

Often times we wait until there is a disease within us and we are told we have to change our habits. Otherwise, we will be left with ailments and bandaids instead of getting to the root cause. We could have an autoimmune disease that can affect our mental health. Or our mental health can affect an autoimmune disease.

Are you ready for a change?


Personal experiences are valuable when it comes to successfully being able to help others. Lori has been actively pursuing her healing journey with her mental wellness  and health team for years. She’s happy to say that she has achieved massive inner growth. She’s been in this line of work since 2005. She’s experienced:

  • infertility – Find Lori’s story from the article in Simply Gluten Free Magazine – 18_ShareYourStory (1)
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • food sensitivities
  • addictions
  • migraines
  • childhood trauma
  • domestic abuse
  • sexual assault
  • postpartum depression
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • PTSD
  • Disassociation

Lori trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She  acquired the important skill set of holding space for others among many other things.

It’s important to allow a person to establish their own goals that will lead to their vision. Having goals and knowing what our own vision is, can be extremely challenging if we have been or are in a toxic relationship. Or even if we’ve just been so consumed in our roles we’ve taken on for so long. Such as being a parent, an employee, a spouse, caregiver, etc.  

We can learn to elicit our own perspective, explore broader perspectives, and engage ourselves with self-discovery and problem-solving skills. Lori’s focus is on supporting you to thrive by opening up possibilities that have not been explored yet. To help with finding what works for you. 

When you work with Lori, you will be heard. You will be provided with customized programs and resources for:

  • disease prevention
  • vascular microcirculation therapy
  • spiritual awakening
  • passion awareness
  • growth mindset
  • belief realignment
  • mental health tools
  • behavior tune-ups
  • gut-brain axis connection
  • exercise and nutrition thoughts
  • palette adjustments
  • kitchen assistance

When we aren’t feeling heard or when we are living in fight/flight/freeze/fawn, we become anxious and stressed. We can turn to numbing addictions instead of going within to begin our healing journey. 

You are the ultimate expert of your own mind and body. You intuitively know what you need. Resources are right at our fingertips. We just need some assistance with navigating our journey sometimes. It’s harder to see the bigger picture for ourselves.

If you are motivated and ready for a positive change, you will find a way to begin the work that’s needed for your healing journey. Take one small step to reach past your comfort zone today.

Lori is a health-conscious motivational solo momma. An ever-evolving human, business owner, life long researcher, mental wellness/domestic abuse/health/disease prevention advocate and mentor disrupting stigmas. She also supports practitioners with incorporating the Vascular Microcirculatory Therapy Device to complement their modality for improved health with their clients.

Change takes time, money, and effort –

Time to do the inner work to begin the process of healing. Time to manage your time. Time to buy, prepare, and prep quality food. Time for exercise and self-care. Time to see results that last. TIME is so very precious and valuable!! 

– Money to pay for self-care, quality food, and exercise.

The effort to continue when you think you no longer can. The effort to find the right mental wellness and health team that works for what you need right now. 

We will troubleshoot lifestyle behaviors/habits, work through mental blocks, and prepare for success when difficult situations arise. We can explore healthy substitutions, transition techniques, new ways to stock/prep, get organized, cleanse your home, mind, body, and gut without feeling restricted.

Ask for what you need/want and let it in! Give yourself permission to seek support and assistance for your healing process. Are you asking for what you want yet rejecting it with your energy, old patterns/beliefs, and sabotaging every effort you put forth to achieve your goals? Let’s dive into where that thought process began and how we can work toward a different approach.  

Lori would feel honored to be a part of your mental wellness and health team! She knows that she doesn’t have all the answers. Who does? What she has is experience and training to hold the space of exploration with curiosity, kindness, non-judgment, and without comparison or interruption. Using self-discovery and self-monitoring behaviors to increase accountability. 

When you’re ready, the answers will appear. Lori doesn’t believe in coincidences. She will be here when you’re ready to chat! Take your time with finding the right mental wellness and health team. Your life’s journey is full of lessons and you are worthy of the best!!



When we are interested, we do what’s convenient. When we are committed, we do what it takes.

Lori is a proud graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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