There are no coincidences. How do we get clear on our purpose? It’s vital to your well being to find it but it takes time so do not let it overwhelm you!

There’s not just one true passion. Only 20% of people may have one true passion. But life changes and there doesn’t need to be pressure to search and search for that one true passion or calling!

It’s ok to change our passions and purpose throughout our lives. It’s all a learning lesson. It will come, just be patient and enjoy exploring! It’s a great process.

What do you enjoy talking about and could talk about 24/7 without becoming bored right now. No matter what it is, let it out. Journal it, speak with a friend about it! Manifest it!!

Look within, deep in your heart (your inner guidance). You know when something just feels right and then your path will open up and things will come for you to share your joy and purpose. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Dip your toe in the water, and just try something. You don’t have to love everything you try. Small steps!

I’m not saying to quit your job. Please keep that, we have to live!

Take it slowly! Set aside the outcome or knowing every step of the way to get to your purpose. Do everything you can to put your energy into it. But do it one small step at a time. And the beginning starts with trying new things and journaling your thoughts around this.

What is your reason for being? Dig deep when your journaling or speaking with a friend. Something where you feel you’re just in your flow. Something you get lost in doing. Something that you find yourself losing time from doing. Like when we were kids. Playing outside and told it’s time to come in. We were having so much fun that we just lost track of time and now it’s dinner already or dark outside.

Don’t let it stress you out. It’s sort of the same concept around losing weight. It’s important to find your why. It’s not just about white knuckling it or motivation. Why do you want to lose the weight. Do you want to feel better, live long enough to see grand babies, and/or to be able do what your put on earth to do?

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