Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we are here to meet you! We will continue to add more resources and please let us know if you have any resources that you would like us to consider adding. 

Meet Laureen and Shakisha, owners of The Woo Collective!

They are besties and business partners who are dedicated to using all of their mystical and healing abilities to start a Mystic Revolution.

Their calling is to help you tap into your gifts. They have helped so many in their Facebook group along with offering courses on their website! They have courses to Activate your spiritual and cosmic strands of DNA and unlock the magick that’s already inside you and to become a practitioner.

Find their website – The Woo Collective

Meet Deborah Toussaint, Owner of Muse Crystals and Mystical Gifts

Deborah is a Crystal Connoisseur, Author, Intimacy Coach, Bodyworker, and Business Owner living in Australia.

Deborah is a self-care goddess who has gone through a turbulent life. She has created a series of books, systems, products and platforms. They contain the step-by-step self-care processes, usage of crystals and essential oils that she has utilized to get herself to a place of worth, freedom, love, and joy. Deborah is the owner of Muse Crystals and mystical gifts and The Intimacy Academy Australia. She is an emotional wellness and self-care advocate. 

Find crystals, crystal meanings, articles, incense, sage, jewelry, and much more on her website – Muse Crystals and Mystical Gifts

Find her shop on Facebook – Muse Crystals and Mystical Gifts

Find her Coaching services on Facebook – The Intimacy Academy, Australia 

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