Laura T.

“Lori, you’ve supported me, listened to me, and encouraged me with inspiring strength and grace. I admire your beauty, strength, expertise, wisdom, fortitude, and positive spirit! You are a ROCK!!” 

Janis P.

“Lori has gently brought me through all my excuses for resisting change in my lifestyle. I never felt any judgment for my bad habits. Her passion for helping people have a more fulfilled life is extraordinary. Her knowledge, special skills, and experience make it easy to work with her. I believe that small steps are so important, as well as ads the desire/wanting to change areas in my life. I became my own guinea pig with my food choices. With the help of Lori and my doctor, I was able to get off Nexium (for acid reflux) and my cholesterol medicine. She has been so patient, gentle, and caring during the process.”

Krista S.

“Lori is amazing. She doesn’t make you feel guilty or bad for not eating like you should. She listens and offers a great outlook on your goals. Lori takes her time and goes over all your concerns and helps you reach your conclusion to your goals. Her knowledge on healthy eating is amazing.”

Katy T.

“Lori has some incredible insight and encouragement without creating a “pass or fail” mentality that most diets do. No wagon to fall off of because you’re just taking steps toward improvement without punishment for slips.”

Amber R.

“Lori is an amazing health resource. Her health knowledge and experience is extensive. And her passion to lead others to optimal health is her secret sauce in helping people reach their health goals!”

Michele S.

“Lori’s energetic and upbeat personality makes learning how to prepare simple, delicious, and nutritious meals enjoyable! She combines her nutrition and wellness knowledge, organization, coaching skills, and unique abilities gained through life-experience to help you reach your goals of healthier eating and beyond!”

Derek S.

“Lori really knows what she is doing. After filling out the health evaluation and doing the review with me, I found out several things that I THOUGHT were healthy, in fact, were not! I have since changed a few habits, especially in the kitchen. I truly appreciated the help with goal setting. I mean, who doesn’t need help with that!?”


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